Thursday, March 19, 2009

Raw Story: Libel the Opposition on "Climate Change?"

"Climate change deniers" is a slanderous misrepresentation, in a completely biased propaganda article.

The sizable contingent of SKEPTICS to the hystrionics and computer-generated hysteria of the "global warming" and "carbon tax" lobby are rarely given the media coverage that the official line is given. This is obvious even in this article, which implies skeptics should be censored since they have "media outlets everywhere," taken to be a bad thing that the opposition voice is heard at all.

This "deniers" libel is a clear misrepresentation. Nobody "denies" that the climate changes. It has always changed, throughout history.

The main criticism is twofold:

1) The THEORY that man made releases of emissions is the cause of the changes is not proven, in the slightest, but is taken for granted. It is assumed by the "hysteria lobby."

2) Data presented by Gore, Mann, et al. at the IPCC/UN has been shown to be faked, fraudulent, cooked, on more than one occasion. See "hockey stick" for some info on that fiasco.

Add to that several other notable realities:

A) Other planets had also warmed recently, as a result of abnormally active SUN.

B) The temperature has been COOLING for the past several years, despite the ever present addition of small amounts of carbon to the air.

C) The total amount of carbon in the air is a fraction of one percent, dwarfed by other factors.

D) Temperatures were hotter than today during the middle ages, and previous to that several thousand years ago -- this is NOT the "hottest" period on record, and that is a blatant lie.

E) Normal seasonal activity is taken out of context and blown out of proportion. Every time an iceberg appears, or the ice melts on the ocean, we are reminded to be hysterical again. Only, the North ice came back recently, covering over a huge patch of ocean, restoring levels to 1979 (thus erasing all that hysterical chicken little evidence that catastrophe was around the corner).

F) Carbon taxes will be placed on YOU, your family, your food, your transportation, and will drastically alter the balance of taxation IN THE WORLD. This will be quite a regressive tax plan that will damage real people, and will create new money flows from bottom (us) to top (them). Perhaps a few minutes thought would be in order?

G) Al Gore's "ice core record" in An Inconvenient Truth was presented misleadingly. Gore never said that the carbon changes FOLLOW the temperature changes, which they actually do, but presented (with his big expensive video monitor) that carbon changes were the CAUSE of the temperature changes. This has never happened in that entire millions year history he presented. This was misleading, at the least. Carbon follows temperature, not vice-versa. This NEW theory assumes the reverse, that the carbon is the cause, not the effect.

There are other reasons to be SKEPTICAL of the pronouncements of political leaders and their hired gun scientists. There is another side to the story, and should in no way be censored. This is after all a political fight more than a scientific debate. I don't think I've EVER seen the global warming lobby big wigs ever debate a skeptical scientist in a fair discussion of the facts.

As a matter of fact, skeptical scientists are routinely denied a place at the IPCC, and their views literally censored out of reports there. Fact.

The scientific method, for those of you unfamiliar, posits a theory, and then attempts to FALSIFY (or disprove) it. If it cannot be falsified, it is accepted as tentative "truth." What the IPCC does is essentially unscientific. It is a political forum.