Thursday, June 01, 2006

How Much?

How Much Cocaine Fits on a Department of
Homeland Security

Crimes of the State


The answer is "5.5 tons." The DC9 drug plane,
however, is not really from the Department of Homeland Security, even though
appears to be so on the outside. It's CIA.

Daniel Hopsicker of MadCow Morning News (
has located a SECOND DC9, painted to look
exactly like a "Department of Homeland Security" transport. Both of
the planes, "were parked for several years at the general aviation terminal
at Clearwater St Petersburg International Airport.

The FAA has outright refused to release the ownership records
of the seized plane (cover-up in broad daylight). But, the ownership records
of the "sister ship" were sloppily left out in the open. Hopsicker
traced the ownership back to Iran/Contra CIA front companies, including to Saudi
billionaire arms merchant Adnan Khashoggi.

Air America lives on (the CIA's aircraft network, not the fake
alternative radio network).

Now this is big news. Or, it would be if the controlled fascist
press had the ability and the desire to investigate anymore.

For starters, this explains Porter Goss' "mysterious"
resignation, several weeks after the plane was seized. This is truly embarassing
to the Bush administration, and it can't be talked away to officials of foreign
governments, who know better (unlike the mooing masses here, who will swallow
just about anything). So all the hyped media noise about "prostitutes and
poker" was just so much distraction to draw attention from the real issue
here: government conspiracy that imports massive amounts of drugs into the United

The fact of a conspiracy is beyond question (and documented
for decades now). It takes more than one person to put 5.5 tons of cocaine into
"126 identical black suitcases at a jungle airstrip in the Yucatan,"
and load it aboard what appears to be a U.S. Department of Homeland Security
aircraft. The cover-up after the fact implicates more people into the conspiracy.

Once again, the actions of the people at the top expose as a
great lie the phony "war on drugs." The longest and most expensive
"war" in our nation's history is, and has always been, a great sham.
The "war on drugs" serves only to raise the price of the commodity
and to eliminate competitors. It's also an easy way to pass more repressive
legislation, and to seize more funding and power for "law enforcement"

A strong Constitutional argument can be made that the government
does not possess the authority to ban the sale of narcotics at all, and that
it has overstepped its limitations:

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights,
shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

-US Constitution, Ninth Amendment

The "right" in this case, to choose one's own poison,
is not enumerated in the Constitution, and therefore should be de facto "retained
by the people."
It's a very clear case that government has overstepped
its authority here, and (as Libertarians will say) in many other realms of the
people's lives.

Be that as it may, this isn't the only recent case of the federal
government covering up a protected drug importation operation. Also credited
to Hopsicker is information on the bust involving 43
pounds of heroin
, seized in Florida by DEA agents. The plane was owned by
Wally Hilliard, the man who financed the Venice flight school Huffman Aviation
-- where Mohamed Atta allegedly "learned to fly," although Atta's
girlfriend at the time claimed Atta already possessed pilot licenses from several

The 9-11 / Drugs Connections

Hopsicker has linked the DC9 to present owners Skyway Communications
and to Royal
Sons LLC
. Coincidentally, Royal Sons had housed the very same DC9 aircraft
at Huffman Aviation, the place that Hopsicker has meticulously documented to
be a front for drug smuggling in Welcome to Terrorland.

"Royal Sons used this same address, apparently during
the same time frame that the flight school was serving as the home-away-from-home
of terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta."

The other co-owner of the DC9, Skyway Communications is run
by the "Honorary Chariman of the Business Advisory Council" for the
Republican Party, chosen by Tom Delay. His name is Brent Kovac, and he recently
bilked investors out of $40 million.

Sibel Edmonds, the FBI translator and whistleblower, has also
described narcotics traffickers, and their protected status over at the Federal
Bureau of Investigation. Edmonds was fired for raising red flags about September
11th warnings, drug smuggling, and the deliberate mis-translating by a co-worker
which sought to hide these realities.

In both the 43 pounds of heroin bust and the 5.5 tons of cocaine
bust, the pilots of the planes have gotten off without charges. The government
is not interested in prosecuting them for what is nominally a serious felony
crime. Ths is more evidence of government involvement and complicity.

Do the math.

In 2001, the Taliban had eradicated poppy production in Afghanistan.
After the US intervention there, on the side of the drug warlords, Afghanistan
has become the world's largest exporter of heroin.

The Central Intelligence Agency, having been repeatedly caught
in the act of importing drugs, and admittedly
, continues to flout the laws and to import narcotics by the ton. They
do this with impunity, and with the stupefying ignorance of most of the population.

And these are the people to whom they surrender their liberty
in the name of "security."

"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary
security, deserve neither liberty or security"

-Benjamin Franklin