Friday, November 19, 2004

Get used to it.

Sickening atrocities in Fallujah
continue. Across Iraq, a national liberation struggle has exploded to try and
drive the empire out. US armed forces have responded with war crimes of a magnitude
commonly associated with the Nazis.

So, what are the US talk radio airwaves
consumed with? A war crime! Yes. The American media has shown us one, single
war crime, that of a marine shooting a prone, wounded man in a mosque. The only
reason that this issue has become big news on corporate imperial media is that
we are supposed to sympathize with the marine.

The US military are the victims of
the Fallujah massacre(s)! Forget the 100,000
dead civilians
[1] (a conservative, low-ball estimate; the actual
number of murdered Iraqis including combatants could be closer to a quarter
million since March of 2003).

I don't know if there are any Americans
today who have woken up and realized that they are the Nazis now. But, someone
out there is supporting this premeditated mass murder. The rape and total annihilation
of Fallujah has marked a point of no return. Insane brutality has become "acceptable"
from the language
used to describe it across the corporate press.[2]
The big lie is that we fight "terrorists" -- rather than the people
who live in Iraq who are trying to defend themselves from our aggression. This
big lie is firmly planted into every sector of imperial society. The bogus "Zarqawi"
is touted daily as the be-all end-all "justification" for
"our" completely illegal and illegitimate occupation.

Even Canada's largest newspaper has
written openly of
indicting George W. Bush
for war crimes when he enters Canadian territory.[3]
What a world it would be if that were possible.

What America is doing to Iraq is
clearly genocide. The policy of not allowing what the marines call "military
aged males"
(unarmed civilians) to flee from besieged cities, is
a policy of "extermination." The wanton bombing and shelling of populated
areas is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions and the Nuremberg Judgments.
Denying water, food and electricity to entire cities is a barbaric monstrous
practice expected of Genghis Khan, not of self-proclaimed "liberators."
OUR military, paid for with OUR tax dollars is eagerly using "white phosphorous"
clouds to burn alive the inhabitants of large cities across Iraq.

U.S. Reportedly Firing White
Phosphorous Rounds

The Washington Post reports that the U.S. has begun firing white phosphorous
rounds that create a screen of fire that cannot be extinguished with water.
Iraqi doctors are reporting that corpses are being brought into the hospital
with their skin melted -- a reaction consistent with white phosphorous burns.

Now!, Nov. 10

These atrocities violate the laws
of warfare and cannot be justified on any grounds whatsoever. The entire top
leadership of this government and of its forces in Iraq can and should be arrested
and indicted for war crimes immediately.

A thorough and meticulously researched
report on American atrocities in Iraq can be heard here,
"Fallujah: A Sea of Rubble and Death" (mp3
). Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone use numerous statements from US soldiers
on the ground in Fallujah to make their case for a U.S. policy of genocide against
the Iraqi people. It is a gut wrenching broadcast.

Even a former marine and participant,
James Massey, has accused the U.S. of genocide in Iraq:

"…we're committing
genocide and leaving enough depleted
[4] around to continue genocidal activity for a
long time."

"Do you really believe that?" the lieutenant asked.

"Yes," replied Massey, "or I wouldn't have said it."

"I knew my career in the Marine Corps was over at that point," he

-"Sign Here, Kid: Recruiting Teenagers as War Fodder" [5]






I'm at a loss on how a moral American
can proceed at this point. The congress will not intervene. The supreme court
will not stop this. The attorney general looks to be the man who wrote a preemptive
defense of torture. The Democratic opposition is no such thing. The Greens and
Libertarians do not have enough of a voice to make the 6 o'clock news. And the
world is spiraling headlong toward Armageddon.

Perhaps if ten million or so appeared
at the inauguration they could have some effect. What a world it would be.



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