Monday, May 22, 2006

Open Letter to Chris Floyd:

Open Letter to Chris Floyd:

"Al Qaeda" as bona fide perpetrator of 9-11?

Chris Floyd:

I find your article
interesting and provocative. However, I do not accept one of your premises, simply because it has not been proven to me.

Quick list of reasons to doubt Al Qaeda pulled off 9-11:

1) Osama denies involvement in Pakistani newspaper interview, immediately
after attacks.

2) Obviously fake video of Osama confessing is produced, with an actor that
does not resemble bin Laden at all.

3) "Bin Laden doesn't have the capability", words of former German
minister, backed up by The Power of Nightmares documentary on Al Qaeda. Bin
Laden had to hire extras to fill his ranks for photo op.

4) Colin Powell's white paper to "prove" Al Qaeda participation
in 9-11 attacks -- NEVER PUBLISHED.

5) Pkistani ISI involvement in 9-11 operation (see Chossudovsky,
a) $100,000 linked to Pakistani spy chief, Mahmoud Ahmad, b) Ahmad exposed
in Indian press, immediately resigns, c) Ahmad met with high level Bushies
pre and post 9-11 operation, d) other ISI connection to 9-11 revealed by whistleblower
Randy Glass (Sander Hicks, The Big Wedding)

6) Behavior of alleged "Jihadists" completely inconsistent with
fundamentalist Muslim radicals: a) drug use and alchohol, b) eating pork (Atta,
Hopsicker, Welcome to Terrorland, various news sources), c) strppers, wild
parties, etc.

7) Flight schools in Florida a front for drug smuggling (Hopsicker), Air
America type covert operation, shady funding sources.

8) Israeli involvement: tracking the Florida group, filming the tower collapses
and celebrating, much larger Israeli operation than most people are aware:
over 140 Israeli Mossad agents arrested post 9-11 (including demolitions experts).
Matter made "classified" by Chertoff (Zionist), and all detained
Israelis released quietly.

Your article takes the alleged telephone intercept at face value:

"Don't worry; we're planning something so big now that the U.S. will have
to respond.""

You claim that "Al Qaeda" are the ones desiring a large military
response by US. There are certainly other possibilities.

1) The intercept could be as bogus as the weapons of mass destruction that

2) The "Al Qaeda" agents could be Pakistani ISI agents, Mossad
agents, neocons, or whomever. We don't know a thing about them, except for
a couple of sentences.

3) This evidence fits into the "Start rumors," portion of Operation

"Al Qaeda's entire strategy was aimed at drawing the United States into
a worldwide "war on terror,"..."

But that's the neocon's and the Israeli's grand strategy. It's far too convenient
to assume that this is really what Islamists are striving for. To the contraty,
one of the demands bin Laden had made for years was to have the US LEAVE Saudi
Arabia. He wanted US military OUT of "Muslim Lands." Such a 180 degree,
and counterintuitive change in strategy needs more evidence to support it than
a couple of alleged "wire intercepts" from Judith Miller, of all people.

--"I get on my knees and pray, we don't get fooled again..."