Thursday, July 14, 2005

4 minutes on 9-11


We're in a fake terror war. The terror is real, it's the "war" that's
fake. We are at the mercy of covert intelligence services. They carried out
the actual attacks, those in New York and Washington DC, Madrid, and London
just recently. You can include the Oklahoma
City bombing
and World Trade Center 1993
as well as numerous other incidents which I don't have time for

The clues are there, if you're willing to risk, if you're willing to look and
look. You have to WANT to look. For example, in London a week ago, a company
called Visor Consultants was running
a terror drill
on the morning of the bombings, at the exact same railway
stations, at the exact same times as the bombings, and a thousand people were
involved. This is reported on BBC.

Did you hear about THAT on ABC or PBS?

You think that's a coincidence? Running an "exercise" that mirrors
the actual attacks, as they occur?

Like the 5 or 6 hijacking
that were running on the morning of September 11th, with names
like Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Vigilance, and etc. The National
Reconnaissance Office ran a "simulation" of a plane crashing into
a building, exactly as multiple planes started crashing into buildings.

See Michael Ruppert's Crossing
the Rubicon book
for more on that.

In Spain, the Madrid railway bombings were perpetrated by "police informants"--
reported by BBC
-- and these perpetrators had ties
to the Spanish security services
of Aznar.

And then the big names in the game:

Osama bin Laden? He has ties
to CIA
going back to the eighties. A rich Saudi billionaire type. Does no
one wonder why they haven't tried real hard to catch their own asset?

Le Figaro reports that Osama bin Laden was in an AMERICAN
(a small middle eastern
country) in July of 2001, two months before these alleged "Al Qaeda attacks"
of 9-11. There Bin Laden met with the local CIA station chief by the name of
"Larry Mitchell." I guess they had tea.

On September 10th, 2001, Osama BIN LADEN was reported to have checked into
a Pakistani
military hospital
in Rawalpindi Pakistan for "kidney dialysis treatment,"
this was reported by Dan Rather of CBS NEWS September 10 2001.

Pakistani military hospital on the eve of 9-11? Our big ally Pakistan? That
story died a quick death. Much like the firefighters of New York City.

You probably didn't hear that the head of Pakistani intelligence, Lt. General
Mahmoud Ahmad, ordered
several wire transfers
of $100,000 each to the alleged hijackers of 9-11,
then located in Florida. No one is trying to catch Lt. General Ahmad to this
day, although he's directly tied to the wire transfers. This is not mentioned
in any of the official cover-up reports about September 11th.

And now there's Abu
Musab Al Zarqawi
! The missing link between Iraq and radical Islamic fundamentalist

Feb 5 2002: Zarqawi allegedly runs an al Qaeda poison factory in Northern Iraq,
according to lying Secretary of State Colin Powell at the United Nations.

Only, there's no poison in the place. British reporters show up, find nothing.
The place is bombed with cruise missiles. The US military shows up with embedded
reporters in tow, finds nothing. Point of fact, the location of the compound
was not under Saddam Hussein's control at all, but in Kurdish territory the
whole time.

Zarqawi appears later with his face in a black mask, allegedly beheading an
American contractor on video (Nicholas Berg). Only the real Zarqawi only has
one leg. The guy in the video with his face covered has two. The real Zarqawi
was reportedly killed by US bombs. Probably true, although he lives on to this
day in the world's corporate press.

Zarqawi is an invented boogeyman to provide justification for the massacre
of more Iraqis, over 128,000 as of today's Democracy
Now report

This couldn't possibly be linked to Iraq's oil reserves.

I could go on for hours and hours.

But I called this "Four Minutes on 9-11." So there you have it. Do
something with it.