Monday, November 15, 2004

Devil's Due


Some of us have faced the
possibility that the Democrats just don't WANT to be president
of the United States at this point in history.

The bogus
"War on Terror" more accurately the "War of Terror" is not
something the Democrats feel in their bones. In other words, the Democratic
party could face an image problem if they started acting like Adolf, or
. Therefore, the Democrats keep conceding the presidency (literally)
so as to keep the status quo two party system intact.

If the legions of deluded
Dem voters figured out that their own party was as brutal, ruthless and murderous
as the Republicans, this could force a realignment of the American electorate.
That, I suggest, is the real reason John Kerry stepped out of the ring without
so much as throwing a single punch. Kerry was pressured to quit so as to preserve
the dominant "good cop" myth of the Democratic party.

The one thing that Michael
Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11[1] showed me in no uncertain
terms was that Al Gore passed when it came to investigating the vote fraud of
Florida. Not one Democratic senator signed the house complaint to investigate
the purging of the voter rolls. Not one, of a majority of senators (including
John Kerry). Why not? A Democratic sitting Vice-President couldn't get one Democratic
senator to agree to investigate how a national election had been stolen by the
brother of his challenger?

Obviously, a decision had
been made somewhere that Gore should not be in the oval office, for some --
as yet -- unknown reason. That reason materialized on September 11th of 2001.
The United States was attacked by elements of its own intelligence apparatus.
Outrageous "mistakes" had to be concocted in order for the machinations
of the FBI and the CIA to "fail" to stop these "attacks."
After the attacks, a swift and ruthless police state agenda had to be rammed
through before The People could mount any sort of resistance.

Such ruthlessness does not
fit the traditional "good cop" persona associated with the Democratic
Party. It fits nicely with the Republicans, however.

So what happened in 2004?

One fact says everything.
There were more than 155,000 "provisional ballots" uncounted in Ohio,
plus 93,000 punch cards that didn't register a vote for president (to be counted
in a recount), plus tens of thousands of overseas absentee ballots uncounted.
[2] George W. Bush claimed victory by only 136,000 (unofficial)
votes. If the state of Ohio were flipped, in favor of Kerry, he would win the
Electoral College and be the president.

Kerry ignored these 248,000
plus potential votes and dropped out without explanation. He also urged the
entire nation to rally behind Bush.

And that's just the tip
of the electoral iceberg!

On November 10th, Democracy
Now! reported
that one county of Ohio, "registered a whopping
93,000 more votes than voters."
[3] These are
technically "over votes" and must be thrown out in a recount. They
are also blatant evidence of vote tampering and fraud. These votes nearly all
went to Bush's column.

- 93 = 43

Now there's a ballgame.
Bush suddenly only leads by 43,000 votes, with evidence of large numbers of
"over votes" in play, potentially reaching other Ohio counties.

In the midst of all this
fraud, over-voting, and possible turn of the tables, Kerry's legal team puts
this out:

"The Associated
Press, Thursday 11 November 2004

Cleveland - Lawyers from John Kerry's presidential campaign are checking out
vote results in Ohio, but insist they're 'not expecting to change the outcome
of the election.'

They promise they're not
there to challenge the election…"


Oh, they promise, do they?


"Kerry's lawyers
say they want to identify any voting problems and put to rest any doubts about
the legitimacy of the Ohio vote."

"Put to rest any
(This is the portion of the article where I have to decide
whether to go for the PG rating and a wide distribution, or whether I should
swear my head off like a cut, bleeding sailor. I can't believe I voted for this

Konfused KerryKrats Konfounded

This next development rates
a "mildly bizarre." While John F. Kerry (and his gang of stout patriotic
Democrats) stands to gain the white house from a legitimate recount and investigation
of Ohio, it's David Cobb - the Green Guy - who comes up with the $113,600 filing
fee to initiate a statewide recount!

"Thanks to the
thousands of people who have contributed to this effort, we can say with certainty
that there will be a recount in Ohio," said Blair Bobier, Media Director
for the [Greens] Cobb-LaMarche campaign.

"The grassroots support for the recount has been astounding. The donations
have come in fast and furiously, with the vast majority in the $10-$50 range,
allowing us to meet our goal for the first phase of therecount effort in only
four days…"

While Kerry could have picked
the loose change from the seat cushions of his limousine, and come up with the
$113K, it seems that grassroots outrage is the only thing driving this. Where's
Kerry? Where are the Democrats? Where's the "fighting for every vote?"
Where is democracy in this banana republic?

There's a composite photo
of George W. Bush mixed with Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine floating around
on the Internet. The button he wears says, "Worry."


Why has Kerry dropped
out without a fight?

My friends, we can only
speculate what horrors await us in the bipartisan War of Terror. Some have predicted
an atomic detonation in an American city followed by martial law and the end
of the constitution.[7] None other than General Tommy
Franks postulated that one. Others think biological super-bugs will decimate
the population. Seeing how the anthrax attacks of 2001 led back to a US Army
bio weapons lab, where investigations abruptly stopped, there is certainly the
possibility of such attacks in the future.

An obvious reason for the
Democratic leadership to call it quits could be the upcoming draft. Kerry knew
that in both his own war plan, as well as in Bush's, there need to be more troops
than are currently volunteering. Kerry made an issue of this in the debates.
He tried to blame the impending draft on Bush alone. Kerry never explained how
he would add two divisions of active soldiers without enacting compulsory service.

In keeping with the "good
cop" facade, the Democrats apparently bowed out gracefully rather than
expose themselves for the warmongering war criminals they are. This is a strategic
move that allows millions of Americans to continue to believe the two party
paradigm well into the future. The Democrats had strayed too far to the right,
becoming nearly indistinguishable from the Republicans. If a Democratic president
was "forced" to call up a draft, in the midst of economic collapse
and ruin, this could damage the Democratic Party image permanently and fatally.
What the Democrats did then was balk at the presidency, kick it back to Bush,
and let him "lay in his own bed."

It wasn't an easy feat to
lose election 2004 either. It had to be arranged. Rampant vote fraud occurred
all over the nation. Exit polls show that the voting machines have been rigged.

"Professor Steven
Freeman, a statistician at the University of Pennsylvania, offers a disturbing
answer. Looking at the exit polls and announced results in Ohio, Florida,
and Pennsylvania, he concludes that the odds against such an accidental discrepancy
in all three states together was 250 million to one."

The exit polls called every
swing state except West Virginia for Kerry, not Bush. These states were stolen
by fraudulent, unaccountable voting machines and the felonious
that peddle them.

But that's not the point
of my rant. Democracy was stolen long before November 2nd. The system that gave
us Bush vs. Kerry is not democratic to begin with. There was no choice about
war or peace, about international war crimes charges, or the disbandment of
the Central Intelligence Agency which has imported narcotics into this country
for the last forty years. There was no choice about destroying our ecosystems,
no choice about disbanding the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, the International
Monetary Fund or the World Bank. No meaningful choice was ever offered, with
any chance at all of succeeding, because in order to win the presidency in our
twisted system one needs hundreds of millions of dollars to pay private corporations
to advertise on our own public airwaves.

Lastly, no choice was offered
about investigating who really attacked us on September 11th, and how they got
away with it. The War of Terror is a bipartisan project that goes back to the
fall of the Soviet Union. The external enemy communism was replaced by the external
enemy terrorism a long time ago. Terrorism is far more convenient a pretext
for aggression. The enemy does not need to have a sophisticated political apparatus
or take over entire nations. They don't even need to actually exist. All that
matters is that people believe that terrorists are out to get them, and that
the government holds all the cards when it comes to "defending" them.

Ronald Reagan supported
the Afghan Mujahadeen, including Osama bin Laden. George Bush Sr. supported
the Afghan Mujahadeen, including Osama, as well as "dictator" Saddam
Hussein. Bill Clinton supported Al Qaeda in the Balkans: Bosnia, Macedonia and
Kosovo.[9] Bush Jr. supported Al Qaeda in the Balkans,
and he had the FBI back off of investigations into the brothers of Osama bin
Laden, as well as Muslim charities that taught and sponsored international terrorism.[10]

The biggest cocaine smuggler
in history, Barry Seal, was found dead with the personal phone number of George
Bush Sr. in his wallet according to investigator Daniel Hopsicker, author of
Barry & 'The
Bill Clinton presided over the state of Arkansas when Mena airport
was a major -and protected -- cocaine smuggling operation. George W. Bush bombed
Afghanistan so that drug lords from the north would assume control and plant
poppy/heroin crop where the Taliban that preceded it had outlawed the narcotics.

These are but the surface
of the problem, several cubes chipped off the iceberg. The "War on Terrorism"
is a big lie, as surely as the "War on Drugs" is a big lie. If our
"leaders" wanted to fight the problem of drug addiction they would
the CIA first
. Secondly, they would fund treatment on demand as a Rand Corporation
study found that drug treatment can be 15 times more effective than interdiction
in terms of dollars spent.[11]

Terrorism is a convenient
tool that tyrants have applied throughout history. None of this is new. The
faces and the plot twists have evolved, but the game remains essentially as
Machiavelli sketched it out in the middle ages. Ruthless men have spat on your
democracy. They've made a mockery of the very word. You live, now, inside a
big lie, that's inside of numerous other big lies. These layers suffocate the
truth, make it unrecognizable, and possibly irrelevant.

But not to me.



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