Tuesday, March 03, 2009


TruthOut Isn't

Crimes of the State

For years the editors of Truthout.org have fallen far short of their audacious name. The September 11th controversies have been censored ruthlessly, despite the merit of the facts presented which dispute official government claims.

Similarly, evidence of US government protected drug trafficking is summarily deleted there, and no links to sources such as Daniel Hopsicker or NarcoNews are allowed.

But now, with the rise of Obama, Truthout has retreated to a position of demagogic hero worship. Fawning pieces attempting to portray Obama as some kind of "progressive" visionary (like this one) are followed by endless praise and gushing public displays of affection. Why wouldn't they be? Opposing views are censored out.

I'm not going to bog down in minutia critical of Obama, but Paul Craig Roberts does a pretty decent job in this piece whose link was censored over at the Truthout thread.

I'd rather focus on the narrow blinkered philosophy that censors opposing views NOT BECAUSE THEY LACK MERIT, but because they have merit. Such a disservice to readers and to the truth itself should be called out. Hypocrisy of this nature must be acknowledged, and it sure won't be acknowledged on Truthout.org's servers. So I mention it here.

What "Truthout" (sic) has done is replace critical analysis with blind, ignorant partisanship. Partisan mindlessness is the number one problem with the US political system, in my opinion. It allows for the information complex to weed out opposing parties, opposing leaders, opposing voices. If they don't carry a card from the Democrats or the Republicans then they are censored out.

We see, daily, how this formula has performed in the real world. We see the dire condition of the American Republic. We see the lawlessness, the abuses of power, the overt ongoing criminality, the protection of high official felons. We see it all, as it is so blunt, so egregious, that it can't be completely hushed up.

Yet "change" the empty rhetoric of the latest puppet leader is all we are permitted to "hope" for. Real change, sans quotations, is "off the table."
"I am new enough on the national political scene that I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views." -Barack H. Obama, The Audacity of Hope