Thursday, March 19, 2009

More "war on terror" blather

Response to: A Progressive, Twenty-First Century Approach for Pakistan, by Arun Krishnan

There is no "war on terror," and this ridiculous phrase should never be used without quotation marks.

There will NEVER, EVER be solutions to this problem until the masses understand that terrorist networks in Asia have been created, sponsored, trained, armed, protected by covert intelligence agencies with the full knowledge and support of US leaders and US CIA. This is established in numerous ways, but hard research is needed to piece the puzzle together.

Top of the list: ISI, the Pakistani intelligence agency has been playing with fire at least since the late 1970s. The Islamic militant networks were championed with ISI personnel and US and Saudi money. The Saudis have long supported Taliban and Al Qaeda. This was perfectly acceptable to Washington who longed for a new international enemy to replace the collapsed "communist threat."

It's like bashing one's head against the wall because so much ignorance and partial truth is printed in mainstream journals, and supposedly "alternative" journals regarding this BOGUS "war on terror." The "war on terror" was engineered with full US complicity to provide the "war that won't end in our lifetimes."

Both major US parties are on board the farce. And the corpses continue to pile up.

If one can never hold accountable the puppet masters in western intelligence who with treasonous intent support terrorism one can never even begin to solve the issue. It is as simple as that. Conspiracies exist, despite the mindless bleating of the dittoheaded press. Justice and accountability are the real myths.