Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letter to Paid Journalists Covering "harsh interrogation techniques"

Mr. or Ms. "Journalist,"

You realize that you're part of a propaganda effort, don't you? Why doesn't the phrase, "torture, a felony punishable by twenty years imprisonment and the death penalty if the victim dies, as several detainees have done..." ever appear anywhere in the mainstream media?

Where's General Taguba's report? And General Taguba as a source?

Where's General Karpinsky, and the memo written in Donald Rumsfeld's handwriting, "MAKE SURE THIS HAPPENS?"

Where's the long history of torture and the CIA going back to its creation? The studies of CIA torture practices in Viet Nam, in Central America and their support of death squads and torture "manuals" for decades?

You are not a journalist, my friend. You are a low level tool of mind washing.

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