Monday, December 01, 2008


Obama's mindfuck agenda is on display over at "" (sic).

Yes, I got the "note" about how my "idea" (Justice? The rule of law?) wasn't eligible for their competition
no matter how many votes I got. My thread has been deleted now during the writing of this blog post.

This is in keeping with 9/11 Truth threads being deleted from their site even after ranking at the top (The #1 Spot -- Full Story).

Below is my NOW DELETED THREAD, followed by their "note." Followed by my complaint.

Stop Criminal Covert Activity

Covert intelligence operatives and private mercenaries contracted to the US government have been implicated in crimes ranging from international drug smuggling to terrorism. This unaccountable system must be exposed and stopped. See investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker for details related to CIA connected planes caught full of cocaine. Make Obama respond to these charges of criminal complicity in the CIA, DEA and FBI.

Apply the law to covert sponsors of terrorism, including prosecuting the former regime for their cooperation with terrorists such as Jundullah and M.E.K. (Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker).

Expose the "foreign governments" (US Senate, October 28, 2003) who assisted the "9/11 hijackers", whose acts were made "classified" by the Bush white house. This is arguably high treason, and is indicative of a wide cover-up of the 9/11 attacks. Disclose the roles of CIA and FBI supervisors who shut down investigations prior to the attacks and hold all parties accountable for their law breaking.

This treason is so damaging that the republic is now in danger of collapse into a fascist police state whose wealth has been plundered by the terrorists in charge. That is not an exaggeration.

- John Doraemi (, New Earth, DC Nov 29 @ 09:32AM PST

From "" (sic).

Hello John,

We wanted to send you a note about an idea you recently submitted on in the Ideas for Change in America competition titled "Stop Criminal Covert Activity."

We support calls for truth and transparency in our government on every subject [LIE] and welcome you to directly petition the new administration about this matter, which you can do at [WASTE OF TIME, BUT DOING ANYWAY] However, this is unfortunately outside the scope of the Ideas for Change in America project, which aims to offer specific policy solutions [WHICH I INCLUDED, OF COURSE] rather than investigations into past government action [THAT IS ALSO A "POLICY"]. As such, it is not eligible to enter the second round of the competition. [CENSORSHIP IS JOB 1]

We understand that good people may disagree with our vision. But this is a private effort not connected to the Obama campaign or transition team [YEAH SURE], and we reserve the right to keep the competition and its content aligned with the stated mission and overall spirit of the project. [SPIRIT OF CORRUPTION AND COMPLICITY]

Thank you for your understanding [TOO MUCH UNDERSTANDING?]. As mentioned above, we welcome you to directly petition the Obama administration about your proposal [IF YOU'RE NOT CONNECTED TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, WHY ARE YOU ALLEGEDLY "WELCOMING" ME?] at And we hope you continue your work to advance change.


- The Ideas for Change in America Team



So, your policy is that the new regime should shield the old regime from prosecution for its long list of felonies and treason.

You are full of shit.

Their response to that:
We never said that the Obama administration shouldn't investigate
Bush's policies and actions, in fact we recommended that you send this
proposal directly to his office at What we said is that these
types of investigations into past actions are outside of the scope and
intent of our independent project. Our goal is the pairing of people
who have specific concrete policy recommendations with nonprofits in
an effort to present them to the Obama administration, build a
national lobbying campaign, and get a policy implemented.

Change-free "change" is the new brand.

They are indeed full of shit.

"We never said that the Obama administration shouldn't investigate Bush's policies and actions,"

You just censor any mention of it, and scrub it off your site. This isn't subtle.

I expected nothing less.