Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Let's Play the "Blame Game" Instead

Crimes of the State

Taxpayers, Americans, rational people, I have a modest proposal. Instead of spending $700 Billion to buy bad debt from the bank shark fraudsters, let us spend merely 1/2 of $1 Billion to build a new SuperDuper Prison(TM), and round up all the organized crime figures who are attempting to defraud the People of the United States of multiple generations' worth of wealth.

Start with Phil Gramm and Robert Rubin (a bipartisan effort!), who were most instrumental in this crime, by abusing their offices and the trust of the nation, and engaging in gross malfeasance.

Malfeasance at this level should not be ignored. It only encourages more criminal activity.

I know, I know, we're not allowed to play the "blame game" because White House press secretaries have forbidden it. (Odd how they cash in on the blame in their memoirs after they leave the post... but, I digress.)

From 9/11, to WMDs, to flushing untold billions of dollars down the toilet, no one should be blamed, we are told. Shit happens. Maybe they're just "incompetent" stealing all that money -- or would that make them "competent?" Tough call.

But, just for a minute let us consider actually blaming someone in the government for doing a bad job? Certainly this must have happened before? There must be some precedent where a government official was held accountable for something?

Perhaps that's too absurd to consider here in Amerika 2.0.

Maybe in fiction, someone will create a magical far away land where criminal high officials get caught and punished. Maybe even a musical with catchy tunes (Evita?). Yeah, let's watch musicals instead, and let the hard working backroom boys get back to their statecraft and to restoring "dignity" to the nation.

Or, let's call a crime a crime, and start demanding justice in no uncertain terms.

As Obama is tied to Rubin and McCain is tied to Gramm, I see an ongoing criminal conspiracy, something the RICO statutes were designed to prosecute.

('RICO, RICO, off to jail we go...' It's got musical potential, too!)