Saturday, July 08, 2006

Letter to Paul Craig Roberts


Your keeping 9-11 issues at the forefront ("phony
war on terror
") -- even in Counterpunch, where Alexander Cockburn is
openly hostile to hearing about it -- is courageous and important work.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence implicating the US government
in the attacks is the head of Pakistani intelligence Gen. Mahmoud Ahmed, and
his exposed financing of part of the operation ($100,000 wire transfer to Mohamed
Atta). I'm sure you are aware of this evidence.

But are you aware that:

FBI agents confirmed that Ahmed was the "money man"
behind 9-11, back in October of 2001?

Ahmed was immediately forced to resign, but never sought by
FBI for the mass murders of 9-11?

His face never graced the Most Wanted List?

Even mention of his title was deleted from the transcripts
when Condoleezza Rice was questioned about him? (NEW

Bob Graham admitted that foreign governments were complicit
with the 9-11 attacks, and he should know, since he was having breakfast with
Mahmoud Ahmed during the attacks (not that Graham can be trusted to tell the

The Role of Pakistan's Military Intelligence (ISI) in the September 11 Attacks

Now, this is probably the kind of thing that is in the 28 redacted
pages from the Congressional Inquiry into the September 11th attacks. This means
that key senators and congressmen know that Pakistan attacked the USA on 9-11,
and their response was to send Pakistan $3 billion aid packages.

The American people, if they knew the direct hands on role of
the head of Pakistani intelligence in funding the alleged 9-11 "hijackers"
would be up in arms at the way that Bush and company have acted (a foot in the
door to opening up 9-11 again).

Ahmed met with BushCo henchmen Richard Armitage (one of the
world's main drug smugglers since Viet Nam), George Tenet, and others in the
administration before, during and after their New Pearl Harbor. Ahmed's "mysterious"
trip to DC started on September 4th, 2001.

The ISI also elminated a key Northern Alliance general on September
10th, the day before 9-11, as this popular leader would have been the man most
likely to lead Afghanistan after the planned US intervention there. This assassination
was done by fake journalists with a bomb inside a video camera. The independent-minded
general was not seen as a team player.

These Afghanistan war plans were, of course, in place before
9-11, and troops were moving toward Afghanistan before the Twin Towers fell.

As a soundbite, this issue can be reduced to one line:

Why is the "money man"
behind the September 11th attacks not on the FBI's Most Wanted List?

This is a powerful statement that should snap people to attention
and pique their curiosity to investigate if the claim/question is valid or not.