Sunday, June 18, 2006

Letter to just another "progressive" author, re 9/11

SUBJECT: inadvertently spreading falsehoods

Since 2002, I've been seeing people in the supposed alternative press pushing the Bush administration story of September 11th. It's quite disturbing that so many would be willfully deluded to such an extent that they won't even investigate for themselves.

It's far too easy and uncontroversial to simply accept the Big Lie. For lie is truth, if the massive corporate media tells us so, ad infinitum.

I know it's fruitless to try and change someone's mind on this subject in an email, but I do it anyway.

If you have some self respect and some semblence of intellectual honesty, then you're going to HAVE to go find out about this stuff someday.

But, if as they tell us, "Al Qaeda" pulled off 9-11 by themselves, led from a cave in Afghanistan...

-->Why was $100,000 sent to the "lead hijacker" on the orders of the head of Pakistani intelligence, and why is this subject uninvestigated by Congress and the 9-11 commission?

-->Why isn't the head of Pakistani intelligence wanted for the mass murders of 9-11, his face missing from the Most Wanted List?

-->Why was Bush and entourage moved from a high rise hotel at the Genoa G-8 summit, because of a "known Al Qaeda plot to hijack an airliner" two months before 9-11, and does this not give away the whole game?

-->How could the administration claim they had "no warnings" repeatedly, when the "system was blinking red?"

-->How can 140 Israelis be arrested post 9-11, never charged, and quietly released by Zionist Chertoff, even as 5 Mossad agents were caught red handed celebrating and filming the towers' demises?

--> How can 5 or more simultaneous war game exercises on the morning of 9-11, including "live fly hijacking" exercises have occured without mention by any of the "investigations" into the attacks?

-->How can a hijacked plane fly around for over 40 minutes without an escort, and fly into the headquarters of the most powerful military machine in history? Even as two other hijacks crashed into skyscrapers, and the FAA and Norad knew about hijackings as early as 8:13am (84 MINUTES LEAD TIME BEFORE PENTAGON IMPACT)?
-->How can the air base charged with defending Washington just change its website and pretend it does not have that function (Andrews), even with two "high readiness" squadrons of fighters on 24 hour alert?

-->How can a steel framed skyscraper with 47 internal rectangular columns and over 200 external box columns suddenly fail perfectly symmetrically across its entire span (twice!)?

-->What of the dozens of firefighters and employees who reported demolition charges, and the video evidence of charges ejecting beams horizontally?

-->What of the entire cement contents of the towers turned into tiny dust particles, as is standard in a controlled demolition, or a volcano, but nowhere else?

-->What of building 7, a 47 story building not hit by a plane that fell in similar "free fall" speed in a classic controlled demoltion, pulling the center columns out first so that it collapsed into the middle?

-->And what sort of "Islamic Fundamentalists" are into alcohol, eating pork, narcotics and strippers?

I could go on for pages more, and perhaps some day I will. It looks like the public (as opposed to self-appointed elite gatekeepers) is starting to get it. In new Zogby polls, a majority want new investigations into September 11th.

They know it has been a massive cover up, and they suspect who the real culprits are (PNAC, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Tenet, other high ranking military).