Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fake Terror War Ramps Up

Fake Terror War Ramps Up

Crimes of the State


-- Al Qaeda in Iraq said Thursday a letter purportedly from Osama bin Laden's
top lieutenant to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a fake, according to a statement
on several Islamist Web sites."

"We call on Muslims not to pay attention to this
cheap propaganda..."



Coinciding with Bush's big "War on
Terror" speech,
we have a subway
threat HOAX
that pushed further police state intrusions
into New York City's subway system, followed by this new purported letter
from "al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi."


Ayman al-Zawahiri


But not even the alleged terrorists on the receiving end of
it think it's real. These are strange times.

Let's see if we can make sense of this letter/non-letter. On
John Negroponte's website (Mr. death-squads-don't-exist),
we have the summary of points allegedly made by al-Zawahiri, yet rejected as
"fake" by the possibly fictional
"Al Qaeda in Iraq."

I suppose if the group is a fabrication, then U.S. intelligence
can buy it some credibility by having them call the U.S. authorities "liars"
in this way. It's practically expected of them anyway.

Others have speculated that the "al-Zarqawi"
operation created by U.S. intelligence was hijacked by a different and disconnected
Jihad group in Iraq, who know full well that Zarqawi is dead, yet they pretend
to keep him alive just as the Americans do. This could account for so many reports
of Zarqawi in two places at the same time, often carrying out operations in
different countries simultaneously.


Here is Negroponte's explanation of the "intercepted"


"Among the letter's highlights are discussions indicating:

* The centrality of the war in Iraq for the global jihad."


Wait a minute! That's what Bush's speechwriters told
just last week:


BUSH: "The terrorists regard Iraq as the central
front in their war against humanity. And we must recognize Iraq as the central
front in our war on terror."


In fact, it's the only rationale for being in Iraq that resonates
with the misinformed American people, and so Bush has been telling us this same
tired reasoning since before he even invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq (and
rendered Iraq's borders porous, thus allowing anyone to enter and set up shop).

So, basically Bush's speechwriters and al-Zawahiri's speechwriters
(the same guys?) are saying exactly the same things at the same time, reinforcing
one another across the corporate media spectrum, and working in tandem to convince
the world that Bush's "war on terror" motif is the legitmiate
way of viewing the Iraq conflict.

Now, that is a plausible argument that the letter and a lot
of other elements here may indeed be "fake."

(An Aside: Neither Zawahiri nor Bush mention the word
"oil" even once.)


The Negroponte summary points continue:


"* From al Qa'ida's point of view, the war does not
end with an American departure."


Point two: the aftermath -- if the US ever decided
to withdraw it would be so horrible that it is unfathomable, because al-Qaeda
would surely take over Iraq.


BUSH: "In Iraq, there is no peace without (U.S.)
victory. We will keep our nerve and we will win that victory. "


There are only two kinds of Arabs, after all: those who obey
the U.S., and those nasty Al Qaeda suicide bombers. In Bush world, there is
no other path.

By extending this twisted administration logic, all Iraqi resistance
is "terrorist" in nature and philosophy, for there can be no other
type of resistance to U.S. domination. Do adults in this country buy this?

I guess with 59% calling for an immediate
from Iraq (CBS/Oct. 10, 2005), it's just some adults.


Negroponte's point three:


"* An acknowledgment of the appeal of democracy to
the Iraqis."


Zawahiri (who nearly runs the world now, his power greater
than Doctor Evil) is the anti-Bush who must destroy democracy! If it's not our
freedoms, it's democracy he's out to annihilate.

Nevermind that George W. Bush has done more to obliterate democracy
in the United States than anyone in history. You'd have to recall that Bush
the Lesser was never legitimately
elected president ... twice.

As Bush regime spokes-drone Adam Ereli said:


"This isn't a question of hearts and minds. It's
a question of bodies and gore. This is a network, a confederacy of evil that
will stop at nothing to advance its radical agenda."


I guess that quote could be directed at the Bush white house,
but I digress.

Funny how Saint Ronald Reagan called these same mujahadeen guys
" and dedicated the launch of a space shuttle in their honor.

So forgive me for being a little confused on this 'democracy'
question. Zawahiri supposedly acknowledged the "appeal of democracy
to Iraqis
," so does that mean we should be for or against it?

And how does coercing the new "democracy" into allowing
permanent U.S. military bases and presence, total immunity from Iraqi laws for
United States forces AND for its corporate exploiters (Paul Bremer's edicts
remain unchallenged), and complete foreign ownership of its oil fields in any
way shape or form equate to Iraqi "democracy?"


"According to Oil Ministry officials, contracts will
be signed with foreign oil companies during the first nine months of 2006,
opening the majority of Iraq's oilfields to western companies for the first
time in 33 years. (...) Thus the policy potentially allocates to foreign companies
64% of known reserves. If a further 100 billion barrels are found, as is widely
predicted, the foreign companies would control 81% of the total, and if 200
billion were found, as some suggest, they would have 87%.

--Iraq Constitution Lays Ground for Oilfield Sell-Off, globalpolicy.org


You see, the Iraqi people wouldn't like these things, so they
were injected into the new Iraqi constitution under pressure from American Ambassador
Zalmay Khalilzad (who
for both Unocal and ChevronTexaco), making them nearly impossible
to undo.

There is no "democracy" in a militarily occupied country.
The will of the occupier is always more influential than the will of the occupied
people. This is the reason that it is patently illegal under Geneva Conventions
to change the laws and economy of a nation your army is occupying. The invader
is not supposed to be rewarded for his war crimes.


Negroponte continues in a jumbled introduction to the Al Qaeda


"* The strategic vision of inevitable conflict, with
a tacit recognition of current political dynamics in Iraq; with a call by
al-Zawahiri for political action equal to military action."


The terrorists are opening up new fronts in the war on terra.
This time it's political. They'll stop at nothing to steal your children and
eat them in their fiendish foreign like ceremonies of ultimate evil.

They're creating a caliphate empire, ruled out of a medium sized
cave near a small Pakistani goat herding village. This evil Islamo fascist super-empire
will swallow the earth and the moon if Bush doesn't get his way.


Negroponte relays "Zawahiri's" next point:


"* The need to maintain popular support at least until
jihadist rule has been established."



Or achieve popular support?

The phrasing "to maintain popular support"
is probably the most insidious turn of phrase in this entire psy-op, clearly
directed at American audiences.

The impression broadcast (by the U.S. government) is that "al
Qaeda in Iraq" IS the popular uprising against illegal American
military occupation. This is certainly NOT the case. This is evidenced in many
places, such as the recent
by the Center for Strategic & International Studies:


"While no one knows the number of active and part
time insurgents, paid agents, and sympathizers, the pattern of detainments
and intelligence analysis indicates that the total number of foreign volunteers
is well below 10%, and may well be closer to 4-6%."

--CSIS, Saudi Militants in Iraq


"...American intelligence reports had concluded that
95 percent of the insurgents were Iraqi."

-- GI's and Syrians in Tense Clashes on Iraqi Border, The
New York Times


"General Taluto said '99.9 per cent' of those captured
fighting the US were Iraqis, but was also adamant most people in Iraq wanted
a free, democratic and independent country."

--Major General Joseph Taluto, Commander of US 42nd Infantry Division, 9-6-05,
Gulf News, 'Good
and honest' Iraqis fighting US forces


"...CSIS believes most of the insurgents are not 'Saddam
Hussein loyalists'but members of Sunni Arab Iraqi tribes. They do not want
to see Mr. Hussein return to power, but they are 'wary of a Shiite-led government.'"

--Christian Science Monitor, The
'Myth' of Iraq's Foreign Fighters


They are also wary of American corporate exploitation and the
theft of their oil. They're wary of illegal 'depleted'
contamination blanketing the region. They're wary of US/UK/Israeli
state sponsored terrorism which is meant to foment a civil war between Sunnis
and Shi'ites, to better divide and conquer them. They're wary of leaving their
homes, being tortured in Abu Ghraib, being shot to pieces at military checkpoints,
of having their city obliterated like Fallujah, or of finding drinking water
or fuel. They're wary of so many things that Iraqi after Iraqi tells of how
much better the living conditions were under Saddam Hussein, even during the

But they don't talk about that on U.S. corporate media.


Death squad cover-up artist Negroponte continues:


"* Admission that more than half the struggle is taking
place 'in the battlefield of the media.'"

Oh, ain't that the understatement. It's interesting that as
the authenticity of the Zawahiri letter became a real question (and an even
bigger news story one would presume), the entire issue evaporated from the google
news headlines.

But, I guess that's one of the purposes of propaganda, to NOT
give you the chance to settle the issue. The information is suspect, their sources,
our sources, all sources. So, you're never going to find out anything for sure.
Go back to sleep and wait for the next government announcement.


"Ken Katzman, a terrorism expert with the Congressional
Research Service -- the in-house think-tank of the U.S. Congress -- said the
letter contained elements that raised doubts about its authenticity. 'The
purported letter has Zawahri admitting to certain things that it's not realistic
for him to admit, because he would know there's a potential this letter might
be intercepted,' Katzman said."

Al Qaeda in Iraq says Zawahri letter is fake


Another Tell:

In this lengthy 13 page letter, dated July 9th -- just two days
after the 7/7 London bombings -- Zawahiri forgets to mention that event at all.
Perhaps it's because the London attacks were perpetrated by MI-6
and Mossad.

But still, they already attached Zawahiri to one of the alleged
London bombers with an edited/intercut video

Does Zawahiri not know that he was involved with the London
tubes? Or, did the fiction writers at the CIA forget about the date thing while
they were concocting their latest disinformation ploy?

They do have a lot on their minds. It was only England, after
all, and U.S. audiences wouldn't even remember that stuff by now. Would they?

Strange times.


Lastly --

How long do you think you would last in a place like Iraq blowing
up the locals at their Mosques, and with a $25 million bounty on your head if
someone placed a phone call?

(Yes, you were that gullible. Get over it. Zarqawi is