Friday, July 29, 2005


Ralph Schoenman does it again. Listen to this radio program (especially about the 42 minute mark / there is noise during the first 4 minutes).

"...Implicating these four young men, the hypothesis of a burning cross of blasts, the claim that they are suicide bombers is attached to "Organization of Al Qaeda Jihad in Europe" which has already been exposed as a fabricated organization whose quotations from the Koran were faulty and who has been tracked to another website called "alneda" which has its origins in Maryland and in Texas.

Well, brothers and sisters, it becomes even more interesting than that.

One of the servers for the website associated with "Al Qaeda in Europe" has an association with the sister-in-law of George W. Bush: Sharon Bush. I guess what we found here is that the mastermind of the London Bombers is the Bush family itself based upon this reasoning. The evidence that they present for "Al Qaeda in Europe" leads us where? To Maryland, to Texas, and to the Bush family itself. Highly instructive."